What Our Customers Say About Us

I hate bookkeeping. I’m a personal trainer not an accountant

"Simply stated. I hate bookkeeping! I’m a personal trainer not an accountant. I lose receipts, don’t balance my checkbook and never know how much money I’m really making. I would imagine my old bookkeeper was not impressed with me either. I would show up with a folder full of random receipts every few months and expected miracles. It was just not working and I began thinking the self-employed life was not for me. I was referred to ClickBooks by another trainer at the gym and signed up for a 30 day free trial. I could not believe how simple it was. I take a picture and press one of two buttons (expense or income) and I’m done. I still hate bookkeeping but at least I don’t have to deal with it anymore"
Dan Lyons, Personal Trainer

I used a shoebox for my receipts. Bookkeeping was a constant headache

"Yes, as a self-employed Tennis Instructor, I used a shoebox for my receipts. Bookkeeping was a constant headache causing me stress and anxiety the further I fell behind. I was trying to keep up with the books on Saturdays and began missing family events…and not enjoying my job as a self-employed person. My Clickbooks experience has been fantastic. I spoke to a live person to set up my chart of accounts and then they quickly walked me through the very simple way to use the app. Basically just take a picture of receipts. No more bookkeeping stress for me, and now I receive regular reports detailing how much I’m spending and making. Well done ClickBooks team."
Danielle Monteith, Tennis Instructor

With Clickbooks the handcuffs are GONE

"As a small business owner, I was spending way too much time working in the back office of my business vs trying to improve value of my service. It’s a very difficult balance. I knew I wasn’t capturing all of my expenses and deductions and I was constantly worrying about how much I would owe in taxes. With Clickbooks, the handcuffs are GONE! I’m officially retired as a bookkeeper. I downloaded the app, take pictures of my receipts and invoices and ClickBooks does the rest. Could not be any simpler."
Anne Millner, Clinical Aesthetician

I’m completely impressed

"I’m a new customer to ClickBooks (4 months). In 7 years of running my own business, every other approach I tried required me to play an integral and on-going part in the bookkeeping process. Even though I was pretty good at using the various software products I was always falling behind. With Clickbooks, it just so darn easy. It really is amazing. You download the app, take pictures and they send you regular reports. So far, I am completely impressed and would absolutely recommend them to anyone who’s got their own business and is tired of worrying about their books."
Nicolaj Morell, Website Developer

I’m used to complex and financial issues. But doing my own books is always a pain

"I’m used to complex and financial issues. But my own books are always a mess. As an Independent Management Consultant I’m used to dealing with complex and financial issues. But for some reason doing my own books is always a pain. Most likely because I only look at them once a year. With ClickBooks my yearly headache has vanished and I can focus on my real job and servicing my customers."
Henrik Pallesen, Management Consultant

I’m actually making money with ClickBooks

"I am actually making money with ClickBooks. As part of my job as a Sound Technician I’m having to wine and dine my clients. Before, I would never remember to save my receipts after a night out, but with the ClickBooks app, I just take a picture of the receipt at the restaurant or bar, and job done. It saves me thousands in deductions every year."
Tue Johannesen, Sound Technician

It’s almost fun doing my books now

"I was always scared of Bookkeeping even though I have been self-employed for a number of years. It was always a hassle to do and I was never sure if I did it correctly or got all my deductions. With the simplicity of ClickBooks all these worries are behind me. Now I just take a picture of my receipts with their app, and everything else is taken care of. If I have a question about anything accounting related I just give them a call and get the answer immediately. All without me having to worry about the price, since everything is included in the monthly fee. It’s almost fun doing my books now."
Jakob Brunsholm, Independent Mover