For Accountants

As a member of the ClickBooks Accounting Partner Program you will improve your efficiency, free up capacity and be able to focus on the activities you went into practice for - to help your clients grow their business and their wealth.

4 ways ClickBooks Outsourced Bookkeeping Service for Accountants grows your business, not your overhead:
  1. Avoid fixed overheads: Pay as you go, using only what you know you will recover in fees
  2. Up-to-date, accurate: You'll be able to provide great advice, based on timely, correct data
  3. Protect your client relationship: We are not tax agents or business advisors, and we operate as a resource for your firm that complements what you do, with no overlap.
  4. Fixed fees: You receive a monthly fee so you know exactly what you are paying allowing you to give your clients total peace of mind on fees.

8 things to know about ClickBooks:
  1. ClickBooks is a technology enabled online bookkeeping service
  2. All our bookkeeping staff are degree qualified and ClickBooks Certified
  3. You and your clients can choose to receive monthly management reporting either in a dashboard format or more in-depth reports. These can be sent to you to forward to your client, or to both you and to your client. These make for great advisor-client discussions.
  4. You choose whether we work directly for (and bill) you, or bill your client directly.
  5. You can also have us perform ClickBooks set ups and conversions for your clients, freeing you from that hassle and time sink.

The ClickBooks model revolves around you, the accountant, as the expert in advising your clients. ClickBooks works in the background, freeing you and your clients from bookkeeping and back office tasks that take you away from your main activities of advising clients and growing businesses.

Your next step

Get in touch with one of our team and find out how much capacity ClickBooks will free up for you, and what that translates into in additional advisory fees for your firm.

Here's what some of our professional partners have said:


"We've tried offering bookkeeping services ourselves, in-house. It's too hard and too expensive. And we've tried referring the work on to various bookkeepers. That didn't work either. Too fragmented and not consistent enough, in terms of what we receive from each bookkeeper. But we know that our clients need accurate, professional, up-to-date bookkeeping done for them. And without accurate, up-to-date bookkeeping and accounting data we can't provide the timely management advice we want to, as business advisors. By outsourcing our bookkeeping services through ClickBooks, we achieve exactly what our clients need, and Clickbooks produces the work in a more timely and cost-effective way than we ever could, doing it in-house. ClickBooks is a smart outsourcing solution for any accountant looking to focus on advising their clients, rather than having to spend time fixing their basic bookkeeping and record keeping."

Managing Director, Enterprise Accounts

"We were becoming increasingly frustrated in not being able to deliver value to our clients whose books are not up to date, or providing their bookkeeping work for them. With ClickBooks we have been able to provide our clients a streamlined and quick service which allows the business owners more time to work on their business (not in the bookkeeping) and us to provide high level services. And by having up to date books, we can provide our clients with a range of value added services."

CPA, National Director, Midwest Accounts