Cancellation Policy

Order Cancellation Policy

We're sorry to see you go and would appreciate hearing about any problems with our service that prompted your cancellation To cancel an order you have placed with ClickBooks, you must contact customer support by email ( or by phone (617-449-7202).

Every effort will be made to accommodate the cancellation of your order as no service has yet been provided. When contacting customer support to cancel an order, please be ready to provide your name and full contact information. Please note that if the service has commenced, the order cannot be canceled. In this case, you can request a


Cancellation Policy for Recurring/Subscription Services

We're sorry to see you go and would appreciate hearing about any problems with our service that prompted your cancellation. Send an email to with the following subject line:

Cancel Account # [insert your account number here]. We'll respond within 24 hours to confirm the account cancellation via email. Please note that cancellations via email may take up to three days from receipt of your request to process once your cancellation has been processed, you will not be billed again.

IMPORTANT: You are responsible for the full subscription fee in the month in which you cancel, i.e., if you cancel your subscription in August, you are responsible for August fees. Your subscription for that month remains active and fully functional until the end of that month. After the end of the month, your account will cease to work and you will not be charged again. It is not necessary to wait until the last day of the month to cancel your subscription.

If you have any problems cancelling your subscription, please contact Customer Support at 617-449-7202 or

Refund Policy

You may request a full refund within 45 days (includes 30 day free trial period) of purchase for annual services.

You may request a refund within 48 hours of purchase for monthly services. In no event will you be eligible for more than one refund for the same product or service A product must be cancelled before we can issue a refund.

All refund requests must include the reason you are asking for a refund and whether you want a credit towards another service.