Tax Ready Bookkeeping $ 35 /mo
By Certified Bookkeepers Specializing In Small Businesses

By Certified Bookkeepers
only $ 35 / month

How it works?
As simple as taking a picture
Bookkeeping - How it works 1.

Take pictures of your receipts

Using the ClickBooks app simply take photos of your invoices and expenses

Bookkeeping - How it works 2.

A dedicated Bookkeeper does the work

Your ClickBooks bookkeeper will categorize, review and reconcile your books against your bank statements

Bookkeeping - How it works 3.

Get back to work

Receive monthly statements and tax-ready financials without having to play an integral role in the bookkeeping process

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Why Are ClickBooks Bookkeepers So Cheap?

A traditional bookkeepers spends 73% of his time handling paper. And on average each paper is handled 12.6 times.

ClickBooks Bookkeeper

clickbooks bookkeepers
Traditional Bookkeeper
Lots of Papers

traditional bookkeepers

We are Paperless that's why we are cheap.

ClickBooks can help you

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A revolution for the small-business owner
It Saves Money

ClickBooks gives you great value for your money. Not only do we offer the lowest bookkeeping rates in America. But on top of that our clients find that they are finally able to easily capture all of their receipts and thereby getting their full tax deductions.

Top Notch Experienced Bookkeepers

At ClickBooks we only use the best bookkeepers. Our bookkeepers are all certified seasoned professionals carefully selected, tested and trained in using the latest tools and technologies.

It's highly Secure

The security and privacy of your data is our highest priority. To ensure your safety we have invested in the latest state-of-the art technologies used by large banking and leading financial institutions.

It Saves Time

With ClickBooks your time spent organizing your receipt and invoices have just been dramatically reduced. Not only the time you spend on organizing but also the time you spend worrying about it.

It's Incredibly Easy to Use

You'll never find a service that's easier to use than Clickbooks. Use our simple app to take pictures of your receipts and invoices and just let us take it from there. You're only 5 minutes away from being fully and finally out of the bookkeeping business.

It's Always With You

With the ClickBooks App it's like always having your bookkeeper available and by your side. You never have to worry about managing and storing your invoices and receipts. You can always go to the personal Picture Archive online and print them.

A revolutionary service that helps 1000's of small businesses every day


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Top questions asked about ClickBooks
Does the monthly rate cover everything? Or are there any additional costs or fees involved with ClickBooks?

The monthly rate covers absolutely everything. There will never be any additional fees you'll have to pay. In fact, one of the benefits of using ClickBooks is you'll always know exactly what bookkeeping is costing your business.

Can I try the service before I buy?

Yes. For all new customers we offer, at no cost or obligation, a 30 day risk-free trial. Once you realize it's as easy as taking a picture, we're confident you'll want to stay focused on running your business and let us take care of maintaining your books.

Can I switch to ClickBooks in the middle of the year?

Absolutely. In fact most of our customers join us in the middle of the year. With our catch-up service we will have you up to speed in no time. And from there on your bookkeeping will be as easy as taking a picture.

My books are a mess... Can you still help me?

That's why we are here. Because bookkeeping is such a burden for self-employed people and small sized businesses, with most new customers we go back in time, sometimes for many months, in order to bring their books fully up to date. Send us what you have, get back to running your business, and we'll takecare of your books. From now on you'll realize that doing your books is as easy as taking a picture.

Will I get my own dedicated Bookkeeper?

Yes you will. At ClickBooks all our customers have their own dedicated Bookkeeper. This ensures that your ClickBooks bookkeeper will get to know your company and industry more intimately. It also makes it easier and more comfortable for you to ask questions without having to explain the nuances of your business each time.

Can you also do my taxes?

Yes we can. By signing up to our Tax Service Package we will take care of your Tax Filing as well as your Bookkeeping.

What if I want to leave?

No problem. You will never be tied to ClickBooks longer than you want to. Just give us 30 days notice and we'll export your current books to a csv/excel format that can be utilized by your new bookkeeper.

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